LL Development collaborates with a team of talented architects in a revolutionary manner. We begin drawing and painting the buildings with no disregard of the real life structural possibility of the project, this allows maximum freedom of design and creativity to flourish. When the creative process is completed the project is then reviewed by our team of engineers that will make alterations based on the structural engineering laws of construction.
We design our buildings in an eco friendly manner incorporating solar panels and energy saving materials. We only use the latest technologically advanced materials such fire rated composite materials & fire proof aluminium composite materials.
Our buildings interact with the surrounding environment through technology via cellphone applications, the moment you walk into our lobby you will have access to the map of the building and be given a list of programs and activities currently happening in the building.  Users will be able to book restaurants, view the interactive menu, read reviews and make appointments through this single application designed for the building. This is the future where technology and real life come together to facilitate our lives.



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