Louis J Lo is an International Investor, developer and Builder-Developer.

Born to a Political and Diplomatic family Louis was raised in Rome, Italy in early childhood accompanying his family in Diplomatic mission to the Vatican, the Holy Sea under the guidance of his Eminence Pope Saint John Paul II.
His family was awarded & bestowed the highest honor of Papal Knighthood- The Order of St. Gregory The Great (Ordine di San Gregorio Magno).

He is fluent in five languages; English, Chinese-Mandarin, Italian, Spanish and French & has attended the best private schools in the capitals of four continents; North America, Latin America, Europe And Asia.
His childhood classmates and global Family contacts include Monarchs, Presidents, Industrialists, Politicians & Celebrities.

Throughout his adolescent years in various Diplomatic missions around the world, Louis has had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing first hand extreme inequality and injustice, violence and war as well as extreme wealth and power on Earth.

Louis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History & Philosophy from the University of California, Irvine and holds experience in international trade corporations and startup ventures before establishing his own Real Estate Development & investment company.

His Real Estate concepts and designs is the consequence and culmination of his personal life experiences traveling and living around the world. He combines all the best qualities and characteristics of all nations on earth aligning them to his future vision and belief of one unified global culture and One World .

Louis is dedicated to improving this world by fighting diseases through investing in medicine & science research. Poverty and inequality through just implementation of social-political policies by supporting Politicians and Governments & he continues to serve and represent philanthropic causes around the world that share his vision of one global culture and one unified world.